What you should know before buying Rotimatic

As we are opening new orders for the Canada waitlisters, we have spoken to many Rotimatic fans and understand that you want to know more about:

1. Reviews: what existing US and Singapore users are saying, especially about the taste of Rotimatic rotis.

2. Product: how Rotimatic works, what are its key features.

3. The 30-day full refund guarantee: how you can try before committing.

4. Warranty & Support: how to get help using and maintaining your Rotimatic.


To make it easier for you, we have addressed all these questions below.

1. Reviews: what existing users are saying, especially about the taste of Rotimatic rotis?

Roti quality is the biggest thing we obsessed about when designing Rotimatic, to ensure rotis from Rotimatic to meet the 5 criteria:

1. Fully puffed;
2. Fully cooked both outside and inside;
3. Perfectly round ;
4. Feel fresh, soft and homemade;
5. Remain soft when packed for lunch.

You’ll have the freedom to experiment with different flour types and settings to get the best rotis for your taste. Stay in touch with the community to get tips (and hacks!) on how to best use your Rotimatic for fresh homemade quality roti every time.

Don’t take our words for it. Hear it from the current Rotimatic owners.


Many have also posted their product demo and reviews online. Simply search on Facebook or Youtube for more reviews. For your easy reference, we have also compiled some reviews from the actual users here.

A year with Rotimatic in home across US and Singapore

2. Product: how Rotimatic works, what are its key features?

Rotimatic is an unprecedented amalgamation of precision engineering, robotics and design to make the tedious and time-consuming process of roti-making fully automated. You just load fresh ingredients, and it does the rest.

But, the piece de resistance is that it’s WiFi-enabled! Which means your Rotimatic will keep getting smarter with time. It will auto-upgrade itself when we send any new software upgrades via the cloud. And it doesn’t stop there!

Control Rotimatic Remotely

Start roti-making remotely, change the number of rotis you’d like, increase thickness and roast settings. Basically, everything that you can do on your Rotimatic screen and more. How does getting rotis ready for the kids when you are still at work sound?

Set Up A Roti-Making Schedule

If you already know when you want rotis, just set a reminder for the entire week and take it off your mind. In the early morning chaos, when everyone at home has to get ready to leave packing healthy lunch will be a breeze!

Freedom To Choose The Flatbread You Like

Rotis, pooris, tortillas, missi roti, bajara roti or just some masala rotis. Rotimatic will allow you to relish a different type of flatbread every day! Just choose the preferred recipe on the mobile App and you’re done. All families have fussy eaters, we’ve got you covered.


We will also continue to add more recipes and flour types to the list and release software upgrades that you can easily install via the App.

See Rotimatic in action

Here’s a special Facebook Live Product Walkthrough run by Pranoti, the Rotimatic inventor, herself, exclusively for our fans based in the Canada

3. The 30-day full refund guarantee: how does it work?

Rotimatic 30-day-full-refund

Rotimatic comes with a no-questions-asked 30-day full refund guarantee. You get
to see the Rotimatic live demo right in your home for 30 days. During this trial period, if you feel that the Rotimatic doesn’t live up to your expectations, you can return it & we will refund you the full retail price. Moreover, we will pick up your Rotimatic from your house, so you won’t be charged any return shipping and handling fee.

4. Warranty & after-sales support

Rotimatic comes with a 1-year free local warranty effective from the day you receive your Rotimatic. During this warranty period, all repairs and replacements related to regular use will be free of charge. Beyond the 1-year warranty, you will have an option to purchase an extended warranty.

Chat support will be available 24/7 via the Rotimatic App. Our 30-day-trail-1technicians can remotely connect to your machine to troubleshoot and send software fixes via the cloud. Within the warranty period, if you face any hardware problems, we shall either repair or replace your unit free of charge, to ensure you don’t miss out on hot fresh rotis.