Rotimatic Reviews: What Customers Are Saying

Rotimatic has been designed to be an intimate part of our customers’ lives and thankfully, #RotimaticLife has been a great success. It gives us great pleasure to be able to successfully contribute and enrich the everyday experiences of people. We are always listening and trying to better the Rotimatic experience and you, our customers have been a huge part of the journey.

From kind appreciation, motivation and critical feedback, you have been a central part of the Rotimatic movement. Today, on our blog, instead us talking about Rotimatic, we turn the spotlight on you! Here are five Rotimatic reviews posted by customers discussing their individual opinions on Rotimatic. All views/opinions are of the reviewers after their personal experience.

Here are 5 Rotimatic Reviews:

1) First video is a crisp 3 minute video in time lapse that takes you through a step-by-step process of unboxing and setting up Rotimatic. Vikas Sharma’s unboxing video has been super helpful for curious and interested buyers who can now see for themselves what to expect in the box and how easy it is to make Roti with the click of a button. The best part though has been the unedited display of Rotimatic’s hiccup when the first time the flour tunnel got blocked. But as shown in the video, it is super easy to clean and the A.I. built in Rotimatic helps it learn to make better rotis the next time!

2) Musings of a Fun-Sized Drama Queen uses humour to make some very relevant points about Indian culture and expectations from men and women. But Rotimatic has been churning its bit of gender equality- one roti at a time. It has freed up women’s time to pursue  their jobs, interests, passions and taken away men’s excuse that they do not know how to cook. Now anyone can make rotis with the push of a button!

3) This review on Sankalp Kohli’s channel explains the functioning of Rotimatic in great detail. You can watch the actual loading, kneading and puffing up of rotis in real time and judge for yourself how quick and hassle free the entire process is.

4) Manali on her blog, Cook with Manali has written a detailed review of Rotimatic as well as uploaded a fun demonstration video on her YouTube Channel. Check out her blog for FAQs and appreciation for the fully automated device.

5) The last video on this list is a product feature on Zee Tv’s Tomorrow’s World, a show that highlights modern innovations that show promise to alter the world. The feature includes a live demonstration and interview with co-founder Pranoti Nagarkar who talks about the journey of Rotimatic and future plans for upgrading the device.

At Rotimatic, the consumer’s voice is pivotal to how we take the next step and what are the changes required. Rotimatic reviews are an important aspect of gaining insight into the life of the customer expectations and experience. The passionate community of Rotimatic user also discusses their experiments, hacks and tips on this Rotimatic Owners Exclusive Facebook Group. We look forward to hearing more from you, your questions, your doubts or your experience with Rotimatic.

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    Hi I am in Singapore. Can I order one or waiting list?

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