When Rotimatic met Wall Street Journal

We had a chance to share the Rotimatic experience with the WSJ’s Joanna Stern and Geoffrey Fowler test the Rotimatic at the Converge technology conference. Understandably intrigued with the product, they spoke to us about the inspiration behind the product, the complicated ways in which is works and of course the big question, ‘Can Algorithms Replace Mom’s Home Cooking?’

Rotimatic at CES 2015

When you build something so revolutionary, sharing it is the most exciting part.

Everyone who had a chance to see Rotimatic in action at CES 2015 was enchanted, thrilled and loved the fresh Rotis. And with reviews so supportive, we are motivated to outdo ourselves!

Welcome to the Pilot Program

Welcome aboard.
We are glad to have you as a part of our extended team and we hope you enjoy your journey with one of the most pathbreaking inventions of our time. We hope the roti robot takes good care of you and your family.

Remember to reach out to us with Rotimatic App in case you need any help.
Bon voyage!